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The Verdict

Nick J. Townsend

Nick J. Townsend

Greetings weaklings. Some very sturdy music coming out of the Midlands and it’s a sign that artists are working substantially hard in the recording studios; keep it up all and let’s make this music scene a vibrant and happy place but don’t fanny about in the writing room.

Nick J. Townsend

Album Of The Month

Winter Storm: Relapse In Time

Third studio album from Midlands melodic metal act Winter Storm; arguably their strongest release to date due to the sheer strength and diverse nature of the song writing. ‘In Time’ for example is layered with so much deep emotion and power thanks to an incredible vocal performance that it almost comes off as a modern day metal version of the classic ‘Auld Lang Syne’. Technically speaking this is a well oiled shredding machine and highly recommended for fans of Lacuna Coil, Nightwish and Opeth. Songs like ‘Ever Dark’, ‘Dreamscape’ and ‘Astral World’. Heavy handed with plenty of fast guitar riffage for all the speed metal addicts out there and there’s definitely more of a heavy metal shift in tone for this album. Overall I think you’ll really enjoy ‘Relapse In Time’, especially if you love strong canorous female vocals combined with euphonious shred riffs.


Music Video Of The Month

Big Wolf Band: Never That Easy

This is the debut video from Midlands blues outfit Big Wolf Band and my dilemma here for labelling it ‘Music Video Of The Month’ is that I myself actually directed this for the band. However, I can’t help but praise the Big Wolf Band for such a great performance and it would be more of a crime if they weren’t mentioned by me so excuse the bias. Filmed in Wolverhampton at M2 Studios “Never That Easy” is a hands down visual demonstration of how to rock on camera with much credit to vocalist Zoe Green and her dynamic delivery; the entire band are pure fantastic to watch in action and this is definitely worth your time. As a song “Never That Easy” is a real tear jerker if you allow it and tastefully deals with the very serious subject of depression. The music video can be seen on the official Big Wolf Band YouTube channel and Facebook page.


Single Of The Month

Guns For Girls: Where Is The Sun?

Absolutely invigorating! ‘Where Is The Sun?’ is the most recent single from Guns For Girls who are an incredibly energetic tight and robust three piece post-grunge alternative groove rock band from the Midlands. More late nineties in overall sound but at the same time rather reminiscent of a mixture of bands in places, you hear exhilarating and satisfying time changes bringing to mind that of early Soundgarden, vocals with a flare of modern Alice In Chains and together, with arguably the musicianship and calibre of Muse, they confidently administer a colossal sound that is refreshing to hear. Three piece bands musically always seem to get it right and Guns For Girls do just that. Their previous EP release ‘Heads You Win’ became ‘single of the week’ on Kerrang! Radio and we hope they continue to bloom. As a single ‘Where Is The Sun?’ has solid riffs, catchy lyrics and there’s a hard theme of heaviness driven throughout which doesn’t distort the commerciality the tune has. Excellent.

www. facebook.com/gunsforgirlsUK


My Great Affliction: Poison Remedy

Manufactured in the Black Country and if you’re searching for music that unquestionably pays homage to the heavy metal roots of the area then squint no further than My Great Affliction. ‘Poison Remedy’ has a remarkable primal and laidback effortless natural rock and roll feel. They sound fun, unanxious and carefree; almost as if they all instinctively nosedive into bed playing their instruments during love making every night whilst guzzling 100% proof whiskey and maybe using a set of darts with their unoccupied hand for a guitar pick followed by a reckless game of darts afterwards perhaps? They capture all the necessities of rock music made famous by bands such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath but have a more wilder Motörhead-like attitude as a whole. Undoubtedly this is a thoroughbred unit of musicians able to craft protuberant but entertaining tunes.


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